Key Documents

Consultation Strategy:

Consultation Paper for Community Forums and public input. The consultation paper is a brief introduction to key issues for discussion. It provides some brief examples of projects or initiatives and asks some questions about Indigenous suicide prevention for each issue. This paper is intended as a guide and will not limit the range of issues and concerns that may be raised in discussion. 

Discussion Paper and Literature Review - The discussion paper provides more detail about relevant literature, evidence and sources relating to each of the themes outlined in the consultation paper.

Information Paper - selective review of International examples of Indigenous Suicide Prevention.

Forum Powerpoint Presentation - content discussed at community forums held locally and nationally.

Promotional information:

Consultation Overview - This is a two page summary about the consultation.  Please distribute this document to your networks or interested people. This will assist in informing people about the consultation process and encourage people to attend and participate. 

Poster - Please advertise the community forum in your area by printing a poster and filling in the location details.